10 Best Android Survival Games

There’s general agreement that playing video games can quickly become engrossing. You’ve got a few minutes to kill, so you’re planning to relax on the couch while playing an intriguing new game on your phone.

It can be complicated to track out a fantastic survival game. So many options exist, and picking the best game can feel like picking a spouse. Realistic survival games are still the best option.

The point of playing a survival game is to make you feel genuine adrenaline and terror. In this type of story, survival is the most critical factor. They offer a range of settings meant to inspire and delight.

Finding a survival game that isn’t a hybrid of numerous subgenres might be challenging. Therefore, we gathered what we believe to be the top 10 Android survival games and presented them here. 

10 Best Android Survival Games


Because it has more than 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.6 stars on Google Play, Minecraft is the first game that we recommend on our list of the best survival games for Android.

Mojang develops this building game, and in addition to being incredibly fun, it also encourages you to exercise your creativity to create new structures. The game places you in arbitrary worlds and gives you the freedom to perform any action you choose within those worlds, including building, mining, killing, cultivating, and so on.

In Minecraft, you must explore the world in quest of resources you may mine and use to bolster your chances of staying alive. Because the game’s setting is so compelling and accurate to that of real life, you will feel compelled to keep looking for more and more resources.

The primary task is to conquer the dragon. The video game Minecraft features an infinite number of virtual possibilities that are frequently updated. You can play the most popular game on any platform you choose for the low price of $6.99.


Ark Survival Evolved

Our top 10 android survival games list begins with Ark: Survival. This mobile adaptation of the 2017 PC game “Ark Survival-Evolved” is a survival adventure game with city-building elements. 

Game members can pay a subscription fee to unlock premium content and benefits. The game has a 4.1-star rating and high popularity. The game begins with your character possessing a strange relic on a beach. The player’s character is dropped into the wilderness without any means of subsistence and must learn to adapt. To do this, you’ll have to acquire tools, build a home, and explore the environment little by bit.

Once you’ve established your haven, you can build your home, raise tame dinosaurs, and defend it from marauding monsters. It is possible to communicate with other players in the game. Not only is it a fun and engaging game, but it also has some of the most impressive visuals of any smartphone app now available.

Don’t Starve (Pocket Edition)

There aren’t many survival games like “Don’t Starve” available on Android, which is why it made our list. As of now, it has been downloaded over five million times and has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. It will set you back $4.99, and no additional purchases are available within the app.

Don’t Starve has just the right amount of comedic tension, scary suspense, thrilling action, and euphoric resolution. Wilson, the gentleman scientist, has fallen prey to a demon, and you play the role. After being whisked away to an unfamiliar wilderness area, your player character must now figure out how to get back home.

Defeating the natural world and its inhabitants is your objective. You have to do what it takes to stay alive, including gathering supplies and using your environment. Incorporating some mystical and otherworldly themes, the game stands out from other survival games focused solely on the natural world.

It takes work to become proficient at this macabre survival game. You’ll always have to forage, craft, and defend yourself to survive. If you enjoy creepy things, this is the game for you.


Over a hundred thousand people play Crashlands, an action role-playing game. It has a 4.5-star review. The third entry on our list of the best survival games for Android was developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans and is a space-based horror comedy. 

The protagonist, a female space courier solely identified as “Flux,” and her robotic companion “Juicebox” need to deliver a package.

An alien ambushes them, and they find themselves stranded on a strange planet. Your survival needs to learn the language and customs of the area. Lots of clever gameplay twists and inside jokes in the vein of “Friends” keep things interesting throughout.

Crashlands features role-playing, survival, action, adventure, and monster-collecting content. It’s possible to use the cloud for backup, and it’ll just set you back $6.99.


Terraria (Mobile) 

Terraria is, like the others, a great survival game. Among the best sandbox games ever made, it has a 4.6-star rating and is developed by 505 Games.

A port of the hit PC game Terraria, this mobile iteration is built on the Android platform. You can access a 2D workspace to build and create anything you choose. Although it lacks a dimension, this game is just as immersive as its cousin Minecraft.

This game features offline and online multiplayer, hundreds of foes to defeat, dozens of biomes to discover, beautiful pixel art and music, and a host of retro touches. It’s one of the few games that doesn’t require a substantial financial commitment from players, as it only costs $4.99.

The Escapists

‘The Escapists’ is ranked #6 in our list of the best Android survival games. The game has a 4.5 stars on Google Play and is a realistic simulation of escaping from prison. Production Credits Go To Team 177 Digital Limited.

In The Escapists, you play as a group of inmates trying to break out of prison using a sandbox tactics system. You can buy, barter, or beat your way out of here, but each option requires different crafting skills.

You’ll feel like a captive as you fight against formidable odds. A sequel, titled The Escapist 2, has been released. The second game comes in a cute little package with some surprising depth and humor. Players assume the role of criminals, with the ultimate objective being their release from jail. This fun time will set you back $6.99 and won’t include any extra purchases or advertisements.

Last day on Earth “Survival.”

“Last Day on Earth: Survival” is the next title on our list of the best survival games for Android. The objective of this well-liked game with a rating of 4.4 stars is to collect resources, steal items, craft items, and evil battle characters.

You awaken to find that today is the very last day on earth, and you must struggle to stay alive. The game features first-person shooter and zombie apocalypse gameplay and boasts a community on YouTube where players may get helpful guides.

Downloading and playing “Last Day on Earth: Survival” on your mobile device is free, but the game features commercials and in-app purchases. If you don’t buy anything, it will be more challenging for you to make it through the day.


This War of Mine

The 11-bit Studios project “This War of Mine” has a 4.2-star rating. This game is challenging, even compared to the others on this list.

Initially, you’ll take on the role of a civilian population in a city under siege. There is no medicine or food in town, and scavengers and snipers are a continuous threat.

The game could be more enjoyable because it is a realistic simulation of wartime survival. The game price tag is $13.99. The stunning aesthetics of This War of Mine match the game’s emphasis on practical choices.


The new survival game LifeAfter has an M rating due to its blood, brutality, and gore; it’s recommended for players aged 17 and up. Free to play, but with optional in-game payments, this game has received 4.1/5 ratings from satisfied users. NetEase Games created a unique take on the multiplayer genre.

The plot goes like this: a virus sweeps the globe, killing or mutating most of the population. It’s a zombie survival game with an open universe. To succeed, your player must avoid being devoured by the monster horde, acquire valuable items, and create useful things.

You can build shelters, treat injuries, and go on foraging expeditions. Excellent elements from games like Minecraft and Ark Survival have been incorporated into the post-apocalyptic adventure Life After.

Out There (Ω Edition)

Out There (Ω Edition) is the final entry on our Best Android Survival Games list. Some of the best survival games are ones like one that gets little attention.

After placing in cryogenic slumber, the player plays the role of an astronaut who awakens to find himself isolated in space. You must mend your ship, locate supplies, and stay alive, but you’re desperately short on everything.

The game’s dynamically generated world makes each playthrough unique. It’s one of Android’s most challenging free games, and it’s been around for a while.


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