10 Best Crossword Games for Android

Hobbies in magazines need to be modernized. The convenience of mobile devices means that we may always have various entertainment options at our fingertips, no matter where we go. If you’re into this kind of thing and want to play the most incredible crossword applications for Android, you should know about the best crossword games for Android.

As a bonus, these apps stand for more than simply fun; they also represent wellness. Participating in such activities has been shown to improve memory and reduce the likelihood of developing memory loss, dementia, and other cognitive declines. 

Crossword Games 

One common form of a word game is the crossword puzzle. They are a fun and educational way to spend time and a calming pastime. There are many different crossword games available for Android devices. Most people in this field follow the same basic procedure. They hand you a crossword, you figure out the answer, and that’s it.

There are many video games, but some stand out from others due to complexity, controls, layout, or individualism. Also, some people regularly bring new crosswords and don’t recycle the old ones. Let’s check out the top Android crossword games right now!

10 Best Crossword Games for Android


1. Alphacross Crossword

While not the most robust crossword puzzler, Alphacross Crossword has a lot going for it in terms of ease of use. NYT, LA Times, and other newspapers and magazines’ crossword puzzles are here. Since solving crossword puzzles is the main focus, no unusual mechanics or interruptions exist. Although the app’s design is quite basic, it performs as intended, and the controls are sufficient.

Price: Free / In-app adds.


2. Bonza Puzzle

Bonza (Word) Puzzle is a new variation of crosswords. Typically, you’ll be given a single clue, and all of the correct responses will pertain in some way to that clue. You may compare it to a combination of a crossword puzzle and a quiz game. There are a lot of puzzles available for no cost, with more available via in-app fees. You can do that if you’d like to create your own puzzle. It’s not like traditional crosswords; it’s more like an arcade game.

Price: Free / In-app purchases up to 29.99$


3. Crossword Unlimited

If you are a crossword puzzle fan looking for a free app that you can start using immediately, look no further than Crossword Unlimited.

You can use this software similarly to a traditional crossword puzzle. However, you’ll have more say over the game’s dimensions, level of challenge, visual style, and language options. When you’re ready to play after making these adjustments, select “Play” from the main menu.

Selecting a “down” or “across” spot on the board prompts a recommendation to display at the top of the screen. Then, start typing the letters of the word you think is correct. In case of an error, click on the specific letterbox and enter the new note. You can also change the whole term if you think it’s wrong.

When no box is chosen, you can read the instructions, see the correct word shown, learn about potential matches based on the number of letters, see whether or not your comment is accurate, and display the wrong words at the bottom of the screen.

Price: Free but has in-app ads included. 


4. New York Times Crossword

One of the most excellent options for everyone is the New York Times Crossword game, which comes from one of the largest newspapers in the world.

Every day, the New York Times publishes a new crossword puzzle, ranging from easy to highly difficult. When you launch the app, you’ll see a feed of crosswords from the preceding few days, with a difficulty rating up top. Additionally, “The Archives” (previous puzzles) and crossword packs with various puzzles are available for your solving pleasure.

Price: You’ll agree that this is a top-tier crossword app for Android. However, one should expect to pay for quality. After a free week of playing the New York Times Crossword, you can continue to do so for $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. However, they do offer free, daily mini-puzzles without the need for a membership.


5. Crosswords with Friends

Zynga has created a crossword game called “Crosswords with Friends.” In these games, you compete against either your friends or the computer. It updates daily with new riddles that often reference current events or popular culture. In addition, you can have fun with leaderboards, common challenges, puzzle packages, and a recommendation system.

After completing one section of the problem, you pass it to your opponent so they can complete the last section. In addition to its more traditional aesthetic and feel, it also features arcade gameplay and a robust online community.

Price: Free but includes in-app ads.


6. 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles

We highly recommend 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles if you’re looking for a crossword game that you can play and finish fast in between other activities throughout the day.

The puzzles in this game often have only six or seven clues, unlike the dozens of words and clues found in regular crossword puzzles. The idea behind these puzzles is that, as the name suggests, you can complete them in under five minutes.

The solution is as easy as reading the hint provided below the puzzle and entering the corresponding letters into the provided box. The game will then display the word and indicate whether or not your guess was correct. If you get stuck, you can reveal a letter, remove extra notes, or reveal a comment – but it will cost you coins you earn while playing.

Price: Free with in-app ads.


7. Shortyz Crosswords

Shortz collects crosswords from major U.S. periodicals and organizes them digitally, unlike some of the other crossword apps on our list that generate their puzzles. If you want the program to import crossword puzzles from other sources, you can link it to your email and other accounts.

A hint button is at the top of the screen, and the keyboard is at the bottom, just as in most other games. In addition, you may access several choices, such as reviewing your mistakes, revealing individual letters or words, viewing all clues, adjusting the zoom, and more through the menu that drops down from the top-right corner.

Price: Free


8. Cryptic Crossword

There are few excellent crossword games, but Cryptic Crossword is one of them. Cryptic Crossword, however, has hugely challenging clues, as the name suggests. To better match the answer to the question, you can reveal individual letters or phrases in the puzzle. The “check” feature lets you know if you’ve got the right idea and highlights the correct or incorrect letters. There is only one upfront cost and zero recurring costs or adverts.

Among the greatest crossword games for Android, this one stands out thanks to its 260 problems, answer checker, pinch-to-zoom grid, and other adjustable features. It is a typical crossword puzzle game in all respects. All that stands between you and the answer to the crossword problem is a long list of clues. Numerous puzzles are provided for your entertainment.

Price: Free for the Lite version and 4.99$ for the Premium version of the game. 


9. Wordalot

Wordalot substitutes a picture for traditional word clues at the start of each puzzle. Words in the crossword puzzle are codes for items concealed in the image. To solve the puzzle, you must identify the object in the picture corresponding to the one the puzzle is pointing to. This is one of the top Android crossword games and a great choice if you’re searching for a fresh take on the genre.

Letters from the puzzle are displayed when you select a word to guess. To some extent, this simplifies the situation. If you’re still stuck, hit the “phone a friend” button by clicking the hint or share options.

Price: Free


10. Picture Perfect Crossword

A different type of puzzle game is known as “Picture Perfect Crossword.” Instead of text, images are used as hints in this game. It does not alter anything, but it does give some nice variety to the goings-on. The game features hundreds of puzzles, Facebook connectivity, a hint system, and regular updates that include new difficulties. Even though it won’t convince die-hard crossword fans, it’s an excellent option for everyone who has to waste a couple of minutes.

Price: Free


Although crossword puzzles have been around for quite some time, owing to current technology, we can now access them on the go, right from our phones. The puzzles are significantly more complex than they used to be, with various difficulties available from “beginning” to “hard.” 

Challenging your mind and expanding your vocabulary is a beautiful way to put your spare time to good use. Check out this rundown of the top android crossword games and pick your favorite!

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