21 Killer Tactics to Boost Your Traffic and Get Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

With over 5 billion monthly users, Facebook has become one of the most valuable marketing tools available today—and it’s only getting more valuable with time. To bring in new business and customers, you must use Facebook regularly. This guide will look in-depth at 21 killer tactics to boost traffic and get likes on your Facebook fan page.

1. Creating Quality Content

The first step to attracting more visitors and gaining more Facebook likes is confirming the legitimacy of your page. Content production should be your priority if you want a rise in the volume of visitors to your Facebook page and the number of likes it receives. Additionally, you need to verify that your content is of good quality.

When people see that, they will be more likely to like your page, share it with their friends, and click through to visit your site or blog. If people only get small snippets of what you’ve written, they won’t want to click through because they need to know if the rest of the content will be good. 

2. Offering Incentives

Giving your social media followers incentives is a great way to raise awareness and get likes. For example, offer a chance for them to enter their name in a drawing for a gift. This will get your fans excited about the upcoming event and incentivize them to like your page.

Giveaways are another option, but you must use them sparingly, or they will lose effectiveness. You want to promote your giveaways sparingly so that when one goes live, people remember it and are more likely to enter because of the anticipation. 

Creating Content

3. Leveraging User-Generated Content

Having content created by your audience is a fantastic method to increase pageviews. This is because it is content that people are engaging with, not just posting once. The more engagement you have, the more viral your post can become. 

You can ask users for their opinion by using polls in Facebook comments. For example, What’s your favorite color? Or What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? 

One example of user-generated content comes from Little Caesars, which uses pizza giveaways as a form of user-generated contests. They’re doing this by giving away free pizzas if they get enough likes on their contest posts. Everyone will receive a large pepperoni pizza if the post gets 10,000 likes (or shares). 

This tactic has worked well for them because people love getting things for free, and many people love pizza, so it’s an easy win!

4. Create a Marketing Strategy

Marketing your business on social media can be tricky, but following our advice will maximize your results. Most importantly, remember that, like any marketing strategy, this is a continual process, and there’s no way to guarantee success. 

That said, here are some ways to increase your chances: 

  • Include a call-to-action or CTA with every post, so followers know specific instructions for the next step you want them to take.
  • Create interactive content  
  • Engage in conversation  
  • Think about where people might go for inspiration or how they might feel. Connecting with your audience and letting them know that you’re just like them could lead to higher engagement levels.
  • In terms of images, remember that photos often outperform text on Facebook posts. It doesn’t matter how witty your caption may be; a picture is better at grabbing attention than text alone.

21 Killer Tactics to Boost Your Traffic and Get Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page: Marketing Strategy

5. Posting Consistently

The more content you post, the more visitors you’ll get. People who see a new post from your page will likely click through and check it out.  Posting regularly also encourages people who like your page to continue enjoying it, so when you have something important to share, they’ll be ready for it!

6. Being Strategic With Your Post Times

Everyone is trying to get likes and traffic these days. A good strategy for this is to plan out when you post carefully. You’ll find the time of day your audience is most active so that you can get as many likes and comments as possible. 

The best time to post varies depending on your niche and demographic. For example, if you’re a food blogger, posting at 10 pm might be better than at 3 pm because people are likelier to be hungry at 10 pm. 

If you’re marketing something to stay-at-home moms or work-from-home parents, they may log in later in the morning while doing dishes or putting their kids on the bus. If you sell luxury goods or services, it’s better to post in the afternoon during lunch.

For example, if you sell pet supplies, you’ll want to post in the evening when dog owners sit down for dinner after taking Fido out for a walk. There are tons of tools out there that can help you figure out when your followers will be online.

When deciding when to post, keep track of when your customers will scroll through their feeds. Consider any other obligations that could affect someone who has access to social media (i.e., commuting, working long hours).

7. Researching Your Target Audience

To be successful, you need to know your target audience. This means knowing what they like and dislike. It also means being aware of their physical location and the websites they frequent in their spare time.

For example, if you sell products for kids, it’s essential to know that most of them live in the suburbs, not the city. It’s also important to know that many play video games or watch TV with their parents on weekday afternoons. 

Some ways to find out about your customers:

  • Visit stores where your product is sold, talk to staff and observe how people react when they see the item. 
  • Ask staff at those stores what type of people buy from them (i.e., rich people, poorer people). 
  • Use a tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
  • Use social media platforms to research your customer base – many professionals use these sites to promote themselves, so check out their profiles and pages to get ideas on who they’re targeting. 
  • Search forums relevant to your field of work – this can give you insights into problems and questions other people have asked. 
  • Visit websites popular among your target audience (including YouTube!) and do a keyword search. 
  • Look at other websites within the same niche – this will help show trends in the language used, design style, etc.

Gaining information about your target audience is essential to designing an effective marketing campaign, receiving more likes, and boosting traffic to your page. 

Researching Your Target Audience

8. Collaborating With Other Pages

Collaborating with other pages is one of the finest techniques to increase the number of visitors you receive and get likes. It’s a win-win situation because you also allow them to grow their fan base. This can be done by commenting on their post, tagging them in your post, or even just liking what they have to say. 

Remember that when it comes to social media, you never want to seem like you are only looking for something from someone else. Be genuine with your interactions so that both parties benefit from this strategy! 

9. Adding a Call-To-Action

Next on our list of things you need to do to boost your traffic and get likes is to add a CTA or call-to-action. A CTA is like clicking here for more or liking this page. In other words, it urges the reader to take action. 

That could be clicking through to another website, like a post on Facebook, downloading an app, or buying something online. To ensure that people are reading what you want them to read–instead of just scrolling past it–you should place the CTA at the top of your blog post.

10. Posting Relevant Hashtags

On your page, under the cover photo, type in a few hashtags that are relevant to the content you post. This will allow other people who use those hashtags in their posts to see what you post. 

For example, if you post a video about cooking with recipes, hashtagging it, #recipe might help get more likes because people who search for #recipe will be able to find your posts and like them. 

You can also target specific groups of people. If you’re posting a question about how to fix something, include keywords such as DIY (#diy), building ( ), car repair (#carrepair), or home repair (#homerepair) so that people looking for solutions related to these topics can see your post.

11. Utilizing Facebook Live

To find innovative ways to increase your site’s traffic and get likes, try utilizing Facebook Live. This relatively new feature lets you live-stream videos straight from your phone. 

It’s a great way to show people what’s happening in real-time and allows them to comment on your videos during the live event. Once your live broadcast has ended, it will be saved to your page so other people can watch or rewatch it at any time. 

You can use this technique in various ways: cooking an elaborate meal with step-by-step instructions; showing off an excellent DIY project; giving an inspirational speech; and more!

21 Killer Tactics to Boost Your Traffic and Get Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page: Facebook Live

12. Creating Engaging Videos

Creating engaging videos is an excellent strategy for drawing more visitors to your site. It’s a relatively simple process. First, identify the topic you want to cover in your video. Next, come up with a title that is eye-catching but includes keywords people are searching for. 

Third, create an outline of what you want the video to cover and take some time crafting the script so you can deliver information succinctly and effectively. Fourth, film and edit the video in a way that engages viewers by using text overlays, graphics, or sound effects. 

Finally, share your video through social media sites like YouTube or Vimeo, embed it on your blog, or upload it to Facebook directly from their application.

13. Going Beyond Text Posts

The key to attracting more people is going beyond just plain text posts. For example, you can create an infographic and share it with your audience. Infographics are a great way to convey information visually, which is why they’re so popular online. It’s also more accessible for people to like or share them with their friends. 

Also, you can host a contest with a photo or video upload open to all your followers. This can be as simple as asking people what their favorite _____ is or asking them to submit pictures of themselves using your products in some way.

14. Get the Word Out About Your Site

Increasing the number of people who follow your company’s page requires that you promote it whenever possible. Share links on your site, in blogs, and other related sites. Ensure all tweets and posts are done with a link to the company’s Facebook fan page (or whichever social media platform is being used). 

To get more likes and shares on posts, ask fans for suggestions and give them ways they can win prizes or discounts for doing so, such as by liking the post or sharing it with their friends.

Get the Word Out About Your Site

15. Sharing User Stories

Sharing user stories can help you tremendously increase your social media popularity. The more people that engage with your page, the more shares and likes it will get, which leads to a higher ranking on Google and Facebook. 

Additionally, posting a user story is an excellent way of getting customer feedback about a product or service. With this information, brands can determine what users are looking for so they can make improvements as needed. 

As another bonus, by hearing from real customers, you know exactly what resonates with them and what doesn’t!

16. Partner With Influencers

Influencers have a large following and are perfect for promoting your product or service. Find influencers in your industry by checking out what other people in the same niche are doing. Once you find them, ask if they’ll post about your business. 

You can also offer them a free sample of what you’re selling in exchange for a mention of your company or brand. They don’t need to buy anything from you either; it just has to be something they like or would be interested in.

17. Join Multiple Facebook Groups

Most people have heard the saying It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Well, that is so true when it comes to social media. Join as many groups as possible and start interacting with the members. 

The more active you are in a group, the more people will come across your page. Remember always to be thoughtful and never spammy or self-promotional. Remember that you also boost their likes and fans by contributing content to these groups.

18. Use the Right Keywords

To boost your traffic, ensure you’re targeting the right audience by selecting appropriate keywords. You should also use various keywords to get the best results possible. The more keywords you use, the better the chance someone looking for what you have will see it. 

These people might not know about your blog if they never hear about it from friends or other blogs like yours. To help with this process, take some time each day to look at the words people are searching for related to your topic. You can also search for them by putting them on Google or other search engines. 

You’ll be able to see which ones seem most popular and then add them to your posts accordingly so that you rank higher when people search those terms online.

21 Killer Tactics to Boost Your Traffic and Get Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page: Keywords

19. Everyone Who Visits Should Find What They’re Seeking

To get people to like your page, you must ensure they can locate the information they require when they visit your site. Make sure your website is responsive so that it looks good on any device, and be consistent with the design of your webpage to keep things uniform. 

Make sure you have a clear call-to-action at the top of every page so that visitors know where to click to continue their search or subscribe to an email list. Lastly, create blog posts or news articles about relevant topics as often as possible so readers will come back again and again.

20. Use Facebook’s Analytics Dashboard as a Learning Tool

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. However, with proper training, it can be easy to see this platform’s full potential. With so many tools and options, it’s easy for even the savviest marketer to get overwhelmed. 

For that reason, if you still need to use the analytics dashboard to your advantage, it’s time to start doing it! You can learn great insights and information about your fan page using this tool; therefore, make sure you set aside time to discover all its features. 

In other words, the more time you spend learning analytics, the better off your posts will be when they go live to the public.

21. Verify the Authenticity of Your Page

It’s not a secret that people trust verified profiles more than the ones that don’t have a blue tick to their name. That’s why you need to verify your page, so people can start following you and trusting your posts. 

You need your business profile verified on Google+ for this process to work. If it is already confirmed, go ahead and fill in the necessary information for your fan page to get it verified.

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