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Mobile app developers may be more creative, and the games on these devices push the limits.Playing iPhone racing apps can be thrilling. Thanks to our modern imaging capabilities, racing games are more exciting than ever, and all you have to do to steer your car is tilt your iPhone to the left or right. These days, even the most advanced smartphones can run AAA titles. That is why, we feel like we must share with you the best car games for iOS.

The Apple Store has a wide choice of racing games, from simulations of real-world races on legitimate circuits to games that let us race over urban tracks in the world’s most significant cities.

Apple’s Metal Technology

Mobile phone technology has progressed to the point where we no longer need a portable console to play games on the go. As more powerful devices become available and Apple launches its Metal technology, games on the Apple Store can expect increasingly high-quality graphics and realistic effects. 

To improve the visual quality of games, Metal was developed as a solution to the demand for more direct access to the device’s hardware to enhance the visual quality of games.

The next version of the framework, Metal 2, was presented by Apple at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). It promises increased levels of fun and quality in video games.

The Best Car Games for IOS

Due to the abundance of automotive-themed apps available on the App Store, finding the ideal one may require research and time investment. We’ve compiled a list of the top IOS racing games to help narrow down your options:

Asphalt – Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme was created by the same Gameloft team responsible for Asphalt 8. Players race over valleys, dunes, and muck. Asphalt Xtreme lets you race with 35 customizable automobiles.

This is one of the best iPhone and iPad racing games, with landscapes like the Svalbard ice cap, Nile dunes, and Phuket’s deep jungle.


Asphalt Eight 

Regarding racing games for iOS, Asphalt Eight is up there with the best of them, thanks to its gorgeous visuals and extensive roster of automobiles. Constant updates that include new tracks, vehicles, and awards show that Gameloft has no intention of abandoning the game. 

You can choose from more than 140 vehicles in Asphalt 8: Airborne, including many exotic makes and models. The game’s success is due to its online multiplayer mode, enormous user base (300 million+ installations), and 40 gravity-defying circuits.

NFS: Most Wanted

A real PC masterpiece, the Need-for-Speed series has matured into something extraordinary. Electronic Arts have done an excellent job of adapting this story for mobile devices, especially the iOS ecosystem. The developers behind Real Racing 3 also worked on NFS Most Wanted so you can expect similar gameplay and visuals. A Dash for It Unlike Real Racing Three, NFS: Most Wanted takes place on urban streets.

NFS: Most Wanted has a wide variety of vehicles, each of which may be modified in infinite ways. NFS’s gameplay includes driving at high speed through Blackridge’s streets, jumping to avoid debris, and dodging traffic and other hazards.. While there is no cost to download NFS Most Wanted, many optional in-game purchases are available.

Colin McRae

If you’ve ever been fascinated with rally racing, Colin McRae is the game for you. You can race Subaru Impresa, Mitsubishi Evolution VI, Lancia Stratos, and Colin McRae’s Ford Focus. The length of the races, which take place on asphalt, is close to real-world races, adding credibility to the game.

We battled against other development teams early on in the creation of this game. They require assistance overcoming this obstacle, so the difficulty level must be reduced. The iOS racing app Colin McRae Rally is one of the greatest, but it costs money. This program will set you back €3.49. To my relief, it does not have any optional in-app purchases.


M Machines have been a hit for decades, and now that smartphones are ubiquitous, you can download your copy from the Apple Store. In MM, races require players to avoid everyday household items while also avoiding being knocked off the course and shot with various weapons.

Micro Machines has 21 courses, from the pool table to the kitchen, and 84 vehicle types.



The PC version of the game generated a sensation due to its graphic representation of violence (including the destruction of people and cars). The description makes it apparent that real-life conditions used to play the game have been adjusted to include innocent casualties.

In Carmageddon, you’ll face off against a total of 28 deadly enemies throughout 11 distinct environments and 36 challenging stages. We’ll unlock more rides as we make our way through the game.

Real Racing Three

Regarding outstanding car games, Real Racing is another standout. Apart from Asphalt 8, where races take place on street circuits, Real Racing allows us to enjoy speed on 18 simple circuits, such as Silverstone, Le Mans, and the Hockenheimring. Real Racing Three has more than 170 cars, including brands such as Aston Martin, Pagani, and MacLaren. Throughout the game, we can stay competitive in up to 4000 events, such as cup races, challenges, qualifiers, etc.

Some of the best mobile racing games ever made, Real Racing, is accessible for free on the iOS platform. And, like Asphalt 8, it allows us to make purchases within the app, shortening the time between maintenance and race.


Great Gear from Eden Games. Club’s sophisticated gameplay, amazing visuals, and vast customisation options raised the bar for mobile racing games. As expected from the studio behind V-Rally, this portable racer is refined.

The races are intense and physical (with plenty of opportunity for those who prefer tinkering in the garage), and the arcade gameplay styles never detract from the seriousness of the competition. The club is essential in this top-tier iOS racing game.

Pako Forever

Pako Forever is less of a racing game and more of a chasing game, where your cute little box car is relentlessly chased as you try to make things as difficult as possible for your pursuers. 

You’ll earn power-ups (hello, shrink rays) that enable you throw increasingly sinister monkey wrenches into your pursuers’ plans. Despite its tiny appearance, this carnage is worth your time (chirpy music and graphics that are unlikely to put even the most basic phone to the test).

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 by Brownmonster is a delightful surprise on the best car games for iOS list. The game is as free-handed as it is entertaining to play, with fantastic visual effects even on a small screen, ground-breaking weather effects, many tracks, and many modes. 

The game is too easy for rally purists, but its customization possibilities and approachable campaign mode make up for it. Rush Rally 3 is a thoroughly enjoyable total package that deserves to be included on this list.



Regarding the iPhone and iPad, Apple is constantly raising the bar. Mobile app developers may be more creative, and the games on these devices push the limits.

In our best car games for IOS list, we’ve included a little bit of everything. Even if you’re not a lover of driving games, we’re sure you’ll find something to like among our suggestions. Nowadays, it’s about much more than just haring around a racetrack.

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