Best Card Games for Android and IOS

 The most exciting card games for Android and iOS combine the strategy of traditional card games with the luck of hidden treasure and deck building. They’re still outdated and tedious, yet digital card games continue to improve even after so many variants. Who could have expected the tremendous popularity of smartphone card games?

While some of the best card games for Android and iOS illustrate how whole worlds can be constructed with cards and provide an option to creators unable to create the enormous settings of their triple-A equivalents. The games mentioned below may use the concept differently, but they are all as interesting.

Some are tests of dominance, others more peaceful, but all are clever and inventive. Two kinds of card games now dominate the market: extremely competitive TCG/CCG online battlers and more casual games usually converted from physical card games that already exist. We’ve included a wide range of options when compiling our list of the top card games for mobile devices.

After all, card games have been here long before mobiles. Nowadays, practically all mobile gamers have played at least some card game on their phone. Card games went through quite a transformation due to mobile gaming. The top mobile card games for Android and iOS are listed here.

Best Card Games for Android and IOS

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

The Witcher 3 mobile card game, the official Gwent spin-off, is free on Android and iOS. It’s been upgraded and changed since its release, making it a compact and entertaining mobile card game compared to its competition.

It’s a power war between two people, but it’s not about crushing each other’s cards or targeting life points — it’s about having a higher number at the end of the round than your adversary.

This basic premise may generate a surprising amount of cleverness and card pairings, with card advantage being a highly essential concept. It is free to download and play the game but includes in-game transactions, but it’s modest, and you can still gain access to cards through playing. If you want some advice to boost your game, you can explore it more on the Internet.


Reigns: Game Of Thrones

This Game of Thrones Nerial version of Reigns is the perfect example of “having the finest life out there.” This is one of the best Reigns models we’ve seen, and its interface playability is legendary.

Reigns: Game of Thrones features Tinder-like swiping features, as well as the usual medieval humor and difficult choices, as players attempt to govern the Seven Kingdoms as one of the show’s nine legendary characters. 

All this is allowed through the persona Melisandre; you’re playing out her aspirations of how these characters could get to climb to the top of the Iron Throne. Branded games frequently have a terrible reputation among mobile gamers. Still, this one is a beautiful rendition of a classic game premise and deserves to be on the list of best card games for Android and iOS. 

Legends Of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a mobile card-building game developed by Riot Games as a direct challenge to the dominance of Hearthstone. The game is one of the best card games for Android and iOS because to its high level of strategic depth.

League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra share a map. Both the game’s mechanics and Heroes are top-notch.

Plants Vs. Zombies – Heroes

This series has remade itself multiple times since the original’s prime popularity. The sequel to the tower defense titan tried free energy timers and premium achievements, then Garden Warfare. Along the process, some of the beauty and charm was gone.

But Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes is an imaginative and exciting final introduction to the game franchise, converting the traditional tower defense model to a CCG with some creative tweaks. One player symbolizes zombies moving for a quick bite, while the other organizes plants trying to resist.

The uneven balance of power is a novel innovation, and the series’ polish and depth help the gameplay shine.



A sleepy team of adventurers stumbles upon a mysterious pub in the forest. The paladin comes up to the bar, where the bartender is polishing a flask, and says, “My dear sir, pray to give me one of your best pints of beer, for our trip has been long and tiring!” The bartender glances up, confused: “We only offer cards here .” 

The paladin is shocked. “Then we shall locate another one” But as he attempts to leave, he finds the door is shut. “Oh, you can’t ever go now. Come and warm yourselves by the fireplace… I’ve got a game to play with you.” With this storytime, the game deserves to be on the list of best card games for Android and iOS.

So began Hearthstone and its appeal among mobile card designers. Inspired by Warcraft, players fight with characters and minions, using mana to play cards and enhance the fight.


This one stands apart from the other games on this list. Firstly, for its color tone, which is as chilly and monochromatic as you’d imagine. Secondly, since its game strategy is survival, not just at the theme, but, gathering resources, fighting off enemies, and keeping the elements secure, it takes every potential trick the cards can provide you. 

If you get better at the game, you will get better equipment, but unlike the other card games, Frost’s finest rewards are a sense of confidence and momentary reprieve.

The game isn’t about high scores or thrills, but rather avoiding bad things. The game encourages you to take only reasonable risks when the word is an oxymoron.

The game rewards you with the opportunity to keep playing and discovering its harsh risks. It is indeed one of the most exciting games on the best card games for Android and iOS list.

Age Of Rivals

This strategic card game, released in 2017, draws heavily on tactile design while staying primarily digital. It’s more about drafting than card building, with five stages repeated over four matches. A game might last as short as five minutes.

It’s basic but with a bit of flair as you strive to choose cards centered around various themes and build your board up as the game proceeds. While it was in a condition when it was initially released, the years since its launch have seen this one evolve into a fantastic game worth looking out for. 

Clash Royale

This game may come to you as unexpected, but many folks, including us, consider it one of the best card games for Android and iOS that you may play. That’s why it deserves its place on this list. It is a one versus one player game and now includes multiplayer fights in a team. 

You’ll combat other players’ armies with Clash of Clans cards. It’s free to download and play, but certain luxury items cost money.


Cultist Simulator

Though Cultist Simulator is simply a single-player card game, it’s a great study into the dark and sordid deals of operating an occult group. In the game, you combine actions and card pairs to produce new cards, gradually developing your religion and making your way to Ascension.

But it’s a risky route, and if the government finds out what you’re doing, you’ll have many problems. Either that or you may overload your brain attempting to grasp incomprehensible cosmic riddles. 

BlackJack 21

If you want something to waste time with, BlackJack 21 is your best bet. It includes easy gameplay of betting on having a better card than your competitor. But, the game itself may be incredibly troublesome at times as you could lose a lot.

Blackjack 21 is a blessing. It’s betting but with in-game currency. Interestingly, it also doesn’t require a connection to the Internet but contains in-game adverts while you’re online. These commercials can sometimes be annoying, but that’s the only disadvantage. With far to playability, Blackjack 21 is nearly faultless. It also only requires a little storage capacity, which is a significant bonus.


A lot of people who enjoy playing Cluedo also enjoy Clue. Its gameplay is very similar to Cluedo, where players gather clues and try to identify who the murderer is. You collect cards that detail the location of the crime, the murder weapon used, as well as the suspect.

Clue has been increasing in popularity in recent times. It only costs $2 to download, but it does feature some transactions while playing here and there. However, those are entirely optional and aren’t essential to continue playing. It’s not a tried card game, as its gameplay is similar to Cluedo, but it’s still a fantastic card game.

Shards Of Infinity

Ascension is a cultural icon in card-building card games, especially on smartphones. Temple Gates Games brings the spiritual heir of Ascension to mobile, and it’s one of the best Android and iOS card games to date.

The game is sleek, nicely designed, and has some highly intriguing variations on the card-building technique. Shards of Infinity isn’t a mask of Ascension but a different game in its own right.

Card Thief

Card Thief is one of the most challenging card games on our best card games for Android and iOS list. As the name indicates, you’re a burglar who needs to maneuver covertly through decks of cards to obtain the prize. To this aim, you can have cards that aid you.

Moreover, the game gives daily tasks which are genuinely tricky. You need some serious thought to succeed in this game. The more challenging a heist is, the more rewarding it is. It requires a lot of mental activity and clever actions to combat the game challenges, but if you’re up for it, Card Thief is one of the most exciting card games out there.


Star Realms

Star Realms, available on Android and iOS, is a game in which you attack your opponents and capture galaxies. You start with a few spy ships and jets and build your way up to a large army fleet.

In Star Realms, you must race and compete with other players to create fleets and bases. You have to outsmart them. The game aims to eradicate your rivals and make the universe yours. How that will end is entirely up to you. 


Those were some of the best card games for Android and iOS accessible out there. Pick your favorite one, or download them if you’re adventurous enough and have some free time. This list could grow old quickly, though. After all, there are dozens of games being published on Android and iOS every day, and it takes time to keep up with them.

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