Best Email Apps for Android and IOS

Emails are one of the most boring things we have to deal with, but we need them to function. We must realize that email is here to stay for the coming years.

And, if we can’t get away from emails, it’s good to have a system that allows us to deal with them quicker and better. A decent email client is one of the system’s foundations.

The top email applications provide more than instant access to everything in your mailbox. You may also use a decent email program to handle your communications, sorting all your incoming messages so you feel free of many different emails.

We’ve tried many email clients over the years, so if you’re searching for the best email apps for Android and iOS, you can discover the best one for you on the best email apps for Android and iOS listed below.

Best Email Apps for Android and IOS


First, let’s get the most straightforward choice out of the way. Most of us use Gmail, Google’s free email service. If you don’t have a professional email address, you’re using Gmail. 

Aside from its email service, Google offers its email applications for iOS and Android under the same name, one of the best email apps for Android and iOS in the market. 

We appreciate its simple user interface, which makes the email app very at a glance. There’s also motion support, which allows you to sort through your messages.

Google has also peppered little features throughout the application, making it much more pleasurable. First, a new push function reminds users to respond to emails they may have missed. And then there are the intelligent response and smart compose tools, which make answering faster. 

Gmail has also stated that it is discontinuing its other email client and that all its functionality will be transferred to Gmail in the future, which is excellent news. As a complete email program, Gmail deserves to be on the best email apps for Android and iOS lists.



Outlook is another excellent email software from a big tech company for iPhone and Android. The app, created by Microsoft, is the software most business customers use as their email client. 

While the app is accessible for Android and iOS, it performs best on iOS due to a more dynamic and engaging design language. We like its “Smart Inbox” function, which prioritizes the most critical emails so you can respond immediately.

A powerful search engine also allows users to look for documents, friends, scheduled trips, and other items. If you have an exchange account, Outlook will become much more powerful since it will let you manage your calendar, plan meetings, and do other things. 

Other capabilities include third-party connection with Slack, Dropbox, and other productivity tools, support for many email accounts, access to files without downloading, and the ability to attach files straight from cloud storage.

Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is a free Android email app that enables simple setup for various email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. 

This mail app also integrates with several popular Android applications, including Light Flow, Apex Launcher, and Tasker. A powerful text editor, widgets, and theme adjustments are among the many usability features.

Aqua Mail is free, but a $19.99 in-app purchase enables premium services including push mail for Exchange and Office 365, access for multiple accounts, and removal of Aqua Mail’s marketing signature and marketing.

Spark Mail

Spark Mail is a free email application available for both iPhone and Android. People have been using Spark Mail for a long time since its design is functional and appealing. To begin, Spark Mail divides emails into two categories: personal and Newsletter.

Personal emails are those to which you need to react, whereas Newsletter emails often wind up in your garbage. Important emails can be “pinned” to the top of your inbox for easy access.

Omit more features; you will enjoy Spark Mail’s swiping movements. 

There are four swipe movements, two short and two long ones, that may be modified to your liking. You may also put emails to sleep, which is a valuable tool. 

Suppose you are a professional user who works with several coworkers. Upgrade to a subscription plan to exchange emails with team members, chat below an email thread, compose emails in real-time with coworkers, and more.


Proton Mail

If your privacy is more important to you than anything else, it’s time to start using ProtonMail. The application encrypts your emails end-to-end, which means that even the founders of ProtonMail couldn’t read them. You can encrypt emails for non-ProtonMail users with a password.

ProtonMail is the best solution on our best email apps for Android and iOS lists if you have any concerns about using a free or paid third-party email client. Because ProtonMail is an open-source initiative, its source code is available for anybody to inspect. 

The astonishing thing is that no one has discovered any security flaws in the software.

While being an open-source program, ProtonMail’s user interface is clean and straightforward to use. Your emails are sorted, and the essential ones are displayed first. Also, plenty out there would prefer privacy over fancy features any day. As before, ProtonMail is your service if privacy is your concern.

The only disadvantage is that you must set up a new email with ProtonMail’s service because your current email IDs will not be supported for clear security reasons. 

This suggests you set up a new free email and send it to your existing contacts. If the recipient isn’t using ProtonMail, you can encrypt emails with a password you give them.

Newton Mail

Newton Mail, a rated, feature-rich email program aimed at professional users, has had an up-and-down journey over the years. The original creators of the mail app intended to shut down the app in 2018, but phone maker Essential saved it. 

Newton Mail appeared to go out of business with Essential, but its supporters have bought it and want to revive it.

It’s simple to see why users are so severe about keeping Newton Mail alive. The software can shift newsletters and other distractions to folders so you can focus on important emails.

Read receipts notify you when your email has been read, and you can even sleep some messages to deal with them later. Best of all, the app connects with other programs, allowing you to save messages to Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, and other services.

Newton Mail is free for 14 days before subscribing to the app for $50 a year.

Newton Mail’s new owners want to make it open source so it will be available even if they can’t support it in the future, making it a wonderful option on our best email apps for Android and iOS list.


Edison Mail

Edison Mail supports a wide range of email providers and includes a friendly, intelligent assistant and email management capabilities.

Adjustable swipe controls, email grouping, and a mass unsubscribe tool help you get off spammy mailing lists.

The built-in AI assistant in Edison Mail has several valuable functions, like real-time delayed flights and airport changes, shipment tracking, and receipt sorting. There is no cost to download it on either Android or iOS!


Here we come to the end of our list of best email apps for Android and iOS. We included the best ones to help you choose the most suitable one for your preferences. There are included apps that are more suitable for the business sector and apps that you can use for your purposes. 

Keep in mind that with the advancing technology, you should look at all aspects, such as an interface, handy features that can help you organize the emails by groups, high privacy encryptions because you don’t want security leaks, and essential information to be available to anyone. Take a close look at our best email apps for Android and iOS lists and choose the one for you!

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