Best Grammar Apps for Android

English has become the world’s primary language. Few people speak English well. If you use or study English often, a misspelled word is acceptable. When misused, poor grammar can have catastrophic effects. 

Misspelling a statement may be sufficient on social media, but it may be disastrous for an internet business. Everyone should refine their grammar to avoid these issues.

How Do Grammar Apps Work?

The top Android grammar apps detect grammatical errors in writing. Grammar Checker evaluates word usage, sentence structure, punctuation, and other problems. 

Grammarly’s algorithms identify potential text errors and offer context-specific suggestions for grammar, spelling, usage, wordiness, style, punctuation, tone, and plagiarism.

The Best Grammar Apps for Android

Windows has many grammar tools. Internet classes can assist you in improving your grammar. As Android devices become more popular than desktops, we’ve compiled a list of the best English grammar apps for Android:


Grammarly is an all-inclusive grammar checker for mobile devices. After installing Grammarly on your mobile device, you may use its sophisticated spelling and grammatical checks in any app. The application will highlight typos, misspellings, or truncated sentences as you type.

The Grammarly keyboard has various customization options (light or dark mode, an optional number row, etc.) and supports swipe typing to facilitate rapid word processing. Because of its premium edition, which includes features like vocabulary expansion, clarity enhancements, and tone modulation, Grammarly is often regarded as one of the best Android grammar apps.

Key features:

  • Free version available
  • In-app products: $29.99 – $139.99 per item
  • Support available: Help Center, Email, Live Support, Ticket


Ginger Writer

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated application, look no further than Ginger Writer. In addition to catching and correcting grammatical issues, their groundbreaking Rephrase function also helps you come up with fresh ideas for your material, making it a potent tool that inspires originality and reduces the likelihood of mistakes on the part of authors.

Create your dictionary to store slang, names, and other terms you want to avoid being checked for errors. You can also use Ginger Writer to convert speech to text. More remarkably still, this tool can translate your work into well over fifty more tongues. The primary problem with using Ginger Writer is that no free version is available.

Key features:

  • 7-day free trial
  • Price: $6.49 (Android)
  • Support available: Help Center, Email, Phone


The Al-assistant grammar checker is included in the Linguix keyboard. This Al-assistant will help you become more efficient by improving your writing flow. It fixes several grammar issues in your written English. Immediately catching typos, missing punctuation marks, and sloppy grammar, this tool is truly remarkable. When it comes to Android grammar apps, this is one of the best.

Including a database of 9 million errors and suggestions for punctuation and typography, this tool contains 2700 advanced grammatical, stylistic, and spelling repairs. With this program, you can receive helpful feedback on your writing by email with thorough reports. Even if English isn’t your native language, you should be able to utilize this program just fine. It’s one of the most excellent Android grammar apps since it pushes pupils to own their faults.

Key features:

  • Free version available
  • In-app products: $18.99 – $94.99 per item
  • Support available: Help Center, Email, Phone


English Grammar in Use

English Grammar in Use, written by a professor of grammar Raymond Murphy, is the most popular grammar app in the world. It’s a tool for learning and practicing grammar on your own. A million users make it the only grammar app for intermediate learners. This program is excellent for classroom grammar exercises, containing six separate grammar courses. 

Each of these courses comes with in-depth lessons and practice tests to help you study and assess what you’ve learned. Choosing which modules to study will be a breeze using the included guide. A grammar dictionary is retained for further study of the language.

After downloading the trial version, you can access all 145 grammar lessons. It’s one of the pricier grammar apps, but it’s well worth it. The audio recordings of the example sentences are another fantastic feature of this software that will help you learn. It’s the best approach to learning English and starting interacting with native speakers immediately. 

The proper response is provided directly, thanks to the built-in auto-correct function. It would appear that the vast majority of users enjoy this program.

Key features:

  • Six units, study guide, and dictionary – for free!
  • Automatic marking
  • Technical support
  • In-app products: $0.99 – $15.50 per item

Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

The Oxford Grammar and Punctuation app are exactly what it sounds like: a grammar and punctuation app that has 250 rules of grammar and punctuation with thorough explanations. The most helpful feature of this program is that it provides examples to demonstrate the rules it teaches. 

In addition, a supplementary section provides an overall summary of grammar topics and aids in grasping the framework of English grammar. It’s excellent for schoolwork and everyday use because of its comprehensive coverage and glossary of applicable terms.

The Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation provides essential, day-to-day knowledge of grammar and punctuation through examples drawn from actual writing. Featuring an alphabetical layout, standard geometrical terms, and questions relating to those terms, this resource is ideal for students of English at all skill levels. 

Several features, including search and language tools, are built into this application. The search bar features autocomplete, a keyword lookup bar, a fuzzy filter, a camera search bar, a voice search bar, a share the term bar, and a delete bar.

The learning instrument includes a list of favorites, a word of the day, and a selection of recent additions. This software is available without cost and even has an offline mode. There are other ways to look up words besides using the internet. It’s regarded as a top tool for enhancing grammatical proficiency.

Key features:

  • Fully functional 30-day trial version
  • Offline mode
  • Technical support
  • Ad-free
  • In-app products: $5.49 – $10.99 per item


Learn English Grammar

One of the most excellent Android apps for learning English grammar, from the makers of Visual Vocabulary.

This English grammar program contains 100+ standard grammatical subjects, which are explained clearly and include numerous examples and beautiful pictures. All grammar topics can be accessed without cost. 

This English Grammar program is geared toward elementary and secondary school pupils. This extensive grammar quiz will test your knowledge with over 2,000 questions. After you’ve completed your English test, you’ll be able to see which areas of grammar you’ve mastered and which ones you still need to work on. 

The clean layout and straightforward controls make it a breeze to put your grammar knowledge to the test. Whether you are a complete novice to the English language or a seasoned veteran, this grammar application will help you better understand the structure of the language. As your command of English grammar grows, so too will your ability to express yourself in writing and speech. 

The entrance exams are challenging and need a high level of English proficiency. This grammar program might assist if you want to do better on tests like the CAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and MAT.


  • Over 100 Different Grammar Concepts
  • Over 2,000 Practice English Tests
  • Every exam covers 20 grammatical topics, with clear examples in English.
  • It doesn’t require any online interaction
  • Product prices in the app range from $1.99 to $3.00.

Advantages of Using Grammar Apps

The most effective grammar apps for Android today make it surprisingly simple to check for grammar and spelling errors. Many people use these apps for all sorts of things, from the office to schoolwork. To ensure your English grammar is correct, you should utilize a professional app or software program on your computer.


  • Time-saving
  • Professional grammar correcting
  • Spelling corrections
  • More presentable documents
  • Excellent for college students


These are a few of the top English grammar instruction applications for Android. Grammar applications help you figure out where your grammar skills are lacking so you can work on strengthening them. Minor errors in your written work will be quickly detected and corrected by accurate grammar software. You’ll be able to write better and make fewer mistakes if you follow this advice.

Finding and installing a fantastic English study program is one thing; using it regularly is another. Using this list, you might pick up a new word or phrase every day and gradually improve your English proficiency. 

Though English is a simple language to learn, fluency can only be achieved through practice, and every app in this list of the top grammar apps for Android is likely to help you do just that.

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