Best Language Learning Apps for Android

Being bilingual or multilingual has many benefits; it can help you land a new job, travel to a new country, or help you make some new friends. The more languages you speak, the richer you will feel! But learning new languages from zero is quite tricky. You must know the grammar and constantly update the vocabulary. Plus, only some can learn a new language with much practice!

I have the answer if you are wondering which is the easiest way to start learning a new language. Here is the list of the best language-learning apps for Android to get you started!


From my personal experience, Duolingo is the best language-learning app on the market! If you download Duolingo today, you can immediately start learning languages for free!

The app marks what online learning should look like, and most importantly, it should be free. You can start learning a language from scratch and finish it to the highest level, which will cost you nothing!

The app has developed a game-like learning system: you feel like you are having fun, but at the same time, you are learning grammar and vocabulary. Each level has a set of reminders to practice new words and grammar rules.

Finishing one language level in Duolingo is the same as spending a whole semester in university. The app offers extra functionalities for $9.99 per month, but trust me; you won’t lose anything if you don’t have them.

Best Language Learning Apps for Android Duolingo


Number two on our list is the Drops learning app. Drops are the perfect learning app for you if you focus on vocabulary and practical language usage.

The developers of Drops use different learning apps for every language. This way, you learn many languages, some of which are unavailable on other learning apps.

Drops teach you small-sized chunks of vocabulary using its cool flash card- an interface that keeps you entertained. The free version offers 5-minute learning per day; if you like to practice more, you can subscribe for only $7.50 per month. In the free version, there is a six-hour waiting period between lessons.  

The app keeps learning simple; it focuses on the necessary vocabulary since it is the only one practicing in real life. After finishing each lesson, you will see your leaderboard, which will help you track your progress and keep your rankings.


Are you up for some fun language practice? Memrise is the one app that offers you every language in the world! The unique thing about Memrise is that it helps you learn via games and memes. The app associates every new word with a bizarre relation that sticks in your mind no matter how much you resist it.

The Memrise app has a community that creates memes accompanied by each language course. The memes help you learn individual phrases and new words each day. This creative app uses a repetition system, enabling you to remember new vocabulary quickly.

The app sends reminders when it is time to revise each new word you’ve learned. This algorithm is proven to work like a charm when learning new languages!


Babbel is a language app that wants to keep you chatting all the time! It focuses more on learning depending on your situation rather than starting with grammar immediately. I experience Babbel as a distant cousin of Duolingo. The free version of Babble offers you 40 classes in 15 distinct languages!

Every class starts the same way; it teaches you basic vocabulary with photos, step-by-step. In each lesson, you have a listening exercise in learning how to pick up individual sentences and words.

The finest feature of this app is the pronunciation and speech recognition. It is excellent practice for your accent! It takes only 15 minutes a day and offers a lot of podcasts you can listen to practice the listening part.   

Babbel language app


LinguaLift is a serious app for serious learners. The difference between LinguaLift and the other apps on our ‘Best Language Learning Apps For Android’ list is that LinguaLift offers you the possibility to learn with a teacher.

You get guidance and help from always-available teachers to answer your questions or give you learning material. If you are interested, they can help you with the grammar, assign you homework and correct it.

Users say the best part of using LinguaLift is contacting real people. LinguaLift teaches you everything, from grammar to vocabulary. Courses are broken into 10-minute sections, and the app tracks your progress through each lesson. LinguaLift offers Spanish, Japanese, French, Hebrew, and Russian courses.


Busuu is the leading app for using tenses. And anyone who learns languages knows this is grammar’s trickiest part. Busuu offers many new words and teaches you how to build dialogs and conjugate verbs. Also, it includes audio recordings from native speakers so you can practice pronunciation.

The app organizes lessons in themes in which you learn expressions connected to multiple tasks. Every language course offers mini travel lessons for people planning a quick trip abroad. While learning, you connect with native speakers who will help you by correcting your texts in real time! Busuu is also available for teachers; they collect points and rank students based on their progress.


Lingvist is the ultimate super-efficient vocabulary constructor. The app focuses on teaching specific words and phrases and emphasizes their meaning.

It uses flashcards to help you remember sentences, and you can choose the vocabulary set depending on your needs. There is a wizard that enables you to pick up your learning pace in French or Spanish language.

Lingvist offers features like voice input and customer support for $19.99 per month. The app has German, French, Spanish, and English learning programs.


Tandem is slightly different from the rest of the apps on this list. Through Tandem, you get to talk to as many people as possible and learn their native language or some language they are fluent in; while you teach them the ones you know!

It is an excellent app for learning many languages and meeting new friends. Tandem pairs you up with different people according to your learning preferences. You can communicate with people via text messages, voice messages, or video calls.  

Tandem language learning app

50 Languages

50 Languages is a free language learning app that connects with many individual apps. Each of them helps you learn a different language. The 50 Languages application is focused mainly on vocabulary and basic phrases and sentences.

The app works very well for people who travel all the time and like to learn the basic phrases of a new language. It offers a premium package for $9.99 per month.  


I am sure you already guessed by the name; this app is strictly made for travelers. It is the perfect app to help you learn phrases and words you will need during a vacation. Using TripLingo, you will quickly learn native expressions and never get lost in a foreign country.

The thing that separates TripLingo from other learning apps is the slang slider. This nifty feature teaches you a lot of lessons in both formal and informal language. Each class has two sections, one for safety and another for business phrases.

TripLingo works excellently in emergencies; it has a built-in translator that will interpret your native sentences into a foreign language. This feature is included in the paid version only.  


Mondly is a great learning app that supports up to 30 different languages. It focuses more on learning how to converse rather than repetitive grammar or vocabulary.

Mondly teaches you how to talk to people above all. If you know how to do that, you are ready to learn vocabulary. Aside from the free version, it offers a subscription for $9.99 per month. The paid version includes features like speech recognition software and phrasebook and supports Google ARCore.

Best Language Learning Apps for Android: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

This app focuses on the philosophy of ‘learning like a baby.’ Though it is not the most efficient app, it is one of the most popular.

The app teaches a lot of different words, but it needs to be fixed with the context. You will learn a lot of new vocabulary, but when it comes to putting some context to a sentence, you might need some help.  

The speech recognition software is the feature that keeps Rosetta Stone high on the user’s demand list. Still, it is a widespread opinion that this app isn’t the most effective one.

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