How to Change WiFi Password From Mobile?

This scenario is familiar to anyone reading this article. You have friends over for dinner or drinks, and they ask for your wifi password. Suddenly, you cannot remember your password. You try to recall if you had written it down somewhere, but you cannot remember that either! After a while, you give up telling them there is no wifi in the house.

We have to tell you – it happens to everyone! It is natural to forget passwords since we have many: credit cards, phones, email accounts, building entrances, etc.

However, this article is concentrated only on answering the question ‘How to change wifi password from mobile. There are a few methods to follow to change your wifi directly from your phone. You wish you knew that when your friends were over, right?

Well, it is not too late! After reading these steps, you will know how to change your mobile’s wifi password and never feel embarrassed again!

How to Change WiFi Password From Mobile?

Setting a solid wifi password has both advantages and disadvantages. It is harder to hack, but it is easier to forget. Still, if you learn this method of changing the wifi pass from your phone, you won’t have to worry about setting a complex wifi password anymore.

There can be numerous reasons you may need to change your wifi password. No matter what, here are the steps you need to follow to change your wifi pass real quick:

Step 01: Access The Configuration Page Of The Router

Though it sounds more complex than it is, anyone can access this page if they have an internet connection. First, you need to access any browser and type the router address. There are many standard addresses, including:

  • for Xfinity
  • for Apple.  

To learn ‘how to change wifi password from mobile,’ you must access the router’s configuration page. To access the configuration page, you must type one of these addresses into your browser. The one that will work is the one that is connected to your router. Yet, if none of them give you access to the page, you should simultaneously press the Windows key and R on the keyboard. Then a Command Prompt window will open, where you should type “ipconfig” and click Enter. A list will appear with a lot of info.

You must look for an active connection and get its default Getaway address. This Default Getaway address is the router address. You need to restart the router in an improbable scenario where all these options fail. Detect the reset button and hold it for 20 seconds. The router will go into factory default mode. Then you need to find the address for that model and type it in your browser once again. 

Before looking for your router’s default address, you must know that your router may come with its configuration software. In this case, you should use this software instead of looking for the configuration page and typing it on the browser.

How to Change WiFi Password From Mobile?

Step 02: Username and password

The second step you need to do to learn ‘how to change wifi password from mobile’ is to find the username and the password of the router. Once you access the configuration page, you must enter the router’s username and password.

All routers have their username and pass, which is different from the wifi one. Suppose you always kept them the same when you bought the router. There is an excellent chance that the username is ‘admin’ or some other variation such as ‘user admin.’ The default password is usually ‘admin.’ If that is not the case, you can try your current wifi pass. Still, this differs from router to router, depending on the model.

You might have to reboot your router if you need to remember the credentials you used to log in. Press the reset button and hold for more than 20 seconds. The reset will set the router to default and allow you to log in with the default username.

Step 03: Find the Wireless Section

Once you have the password and username, you can log into the router’s page. There, the configuration page will open. On this page, you need to find the Wireless section. Remember that every manufacturer may have a different name for this section. It can be under ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wireless Setup,’ so don’t panic if the area’s name is not precisely the same.

After you click on the Wireless section, you will find many different subsections. Click on the Wireless Security page and proceed to the fourth step of our’ how to change wifi password from mobile’ guide.

Step 04: Change Your Password

You should see a box in the Security section that says “Password” or ‘Shared Key.’ In this box, enter your new password. When choosing a new password for your router, think of something original yet easy to remember. The password needs to be stronger than the usual default ones, such as “admin,” “password,” your name, etc.

Many routers will ask you to repeat the password to ensure that you didn’t make mistakes the first time. A strong password is any password above eight characters, including letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Step 05: Look At The Security Type

Another essential thing you need to pay awareness to is the security type of your network. Wireless encryption can be WEP, WPA2, OR WPA. The WPA2 is considered the most secure. Still, if you want to connect to WPA2 but have devices of older generations, you can easily switch to WPA. However, we commend that you do not choose a WEP because this encryption is the easiest to break. A hacker would need less than half an hour to find your password when connected to WEP.

Step 06: Set A Different Network Name

Another precaution you can take is changing the Network Name to something not identifiable. Many home networks become an easy target to hackers because they’ve put a too personal name for their network. If your router has a personal and unique character, it will quickly become a target for hackers.

Change your network name to something random that does not look like a home network with poor protection. This way, you will avoid people trying to steal other people’s internet.

Step 07: Save The Changes

 The last step of the ‘how to change wifi password from mobile’ guide is to save all your changes. Once you are done writing the new security key, changing the network name, and checking the security type, remember to save the settings.

After you save the settings, the router will need a couple of moments to process the changes. After that, you will be disconnected and can connect to your network using the new passkey.

How to Change WiFi Password From Mobile?

How to Change WiFi Password From Mobile: Recovery of the Router Password

This section of the article will help you reset your router and set up a new username and password. Any time you want to switch your wifi password, you will also need the router’s password. The chances are that you will need to remember it and write it down. In that situation, a reset of the router would be in order.

To achieve this, you need to detect the WPS or Reset button on the back of your router. It is usually the smallest one. Please press the button and hold it for more than 20 seconds. After that, the router will be set to factory default settings.

When in this mode, you can change the username and password of the router. Please write it down somewhere so you won’t have to do this again. The default settings are usually on the package or the router’s backside.  


Every one of us forgets the wifi password once in a while. We hope this ‘how to change wifi password on mobile’ guide has helped you learn that changing passwords is pretty simple.   

To sum up, you need to access the configuration page to change the wifi password. You can do that via any browser you want. There are a couple of default addresses; in most cases, yours will be one of them. After you get to the page, the router’s username and password are required. 

If you don’t know them, reset the router to factory settings. When a router is reset, it will forget all passwords, ISPs, firewalls, etc. After the router is in factory mode, you can enter a new security key. Once you have access to the page, remember to check the security type and change the name of your network to something that is not easily recognizable.

And voila! Set the new password, save the changes, and enjoy your internet connection!

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