How to Generate More Leads Through Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Generating more leads in the digital era is quite simple. The truth is, it is more complex than it looks. Social media is a great tool to present your product and make people pay attention, but it requires a lot of time to generate income. Every digital marketing campaign must produce leads. They’ll become clients and bring you additional business. So, are you wondering how to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns?

In this guide on “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns,” we are focused on presenting the best tactics for generating leads and using the digital era to your advantage.  

Lead Definition

Every good guide starts with a straightforward definition of the most important term. In our case, since the article is about “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns,” we should start by explaining the definition of a lead.

Lead is anyone that has a particular interest in some product or service. Companies that need to generate more business reach potential customers via special offers, surveys, or subscription letters. Then they target someone (a lead) depending on their answers and reactions to their marketing material.

For example, if someone recently took an online survey about how many calories they should eat daily, they will receive an email a day later. In that email, the company that offers healthy diet plans and programs (the one that created the survey) will ask the person who fulfilled the study whether they need some help with their diet plan.

Therefore, the person becomes the company’s lead. Businesses contact leads in a simple matter; they do not risk calling someone and ending up with a quick hang-up. The method of finding leads must feel intuitive and not at all intrusive.

There are different types of leads, which may be created via many other processes. Though, they all tend to switch from casual visitors to customers.       

Lead Generation Definition

Though it sounds like a group of leads that comes together, the definition of Lead Generation is quite different. Lead Generation is a process that involves appealing to prospects and expanding their interest in a company’s product or service. The end goal of every Lead Generation is to convert leads into customers.  

Every Lead Generation starts when someone shows a non-forced interest in what you are selling. Therefore, the transition from lead to customer should be effortless and natural. This process of Lead Generation involves a unique marketing methodology. It happens only after attracting many leads ready to give you their money.

Once you find the perfect technique to attract people to your business and make it seem like their idea, you can move on to the central part of this article, “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns.”

Lead Generation

How to Generate More Leads Through Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Now that you know the definition of lead and lead generation, we can move on to sharing some methods of generating more leads.

Here is the list of methods and techniques you can use to learn “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns.”

01: Find the Perfect Search Criteria

The first thing in our “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns” guide is to find your search criteria.

Customer data is golden when it comes to finding the perfect search criteria. And data is the secret weapon of marketers; they have all sorts of information regarding their existing and potential customers.

The same customer data is then used to identify the criteria for developing digital marketing campaigns. Marketers have all sorts of details, from your age to your location, interests, and internet searches. This information is precious when businesses need to decide on their target group.   

Finding the perfect criteria is the first thing you need to do before developing any marketing strategy or campaign. Just think about who would like to have your product or enjoy your service and do tons of research to find the perfect target group.

02: Find the Perfect Network / Social Media Platform

Regardless of how good your ad is, if it is not put on the right platform, it may not bring you a single customer. Ad networks are essential; if you have a working Facebook page with many followers, you must place a Facebook ad.

If your business has more interest on Instagram, doing a Facebook ad is the right choice and would be a good use of money. Your job is half done if you know how to reach your audience. As a result, this second step of our “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns” guide is crucial. 

Social media is one of the most productive ways to connect with possible leads. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Social media is vital because it allows you to communicate with a broader audience.  

03: Optimize Your Website

Another great strategy in our “How to generate more leads through digital marketing” is optimizing your official website.

When in need of something, people tend to use Google search. But Google has more factors that influence how your content will rank than you can think of! As a result, it is vital to optimizing your site content accordingly.

When you are using Google to search for a shop, there is no doubt that you will go with the one that ranks highest or second highest. It is in our nature, and it is normal. The highest rating is the best option; we all see things that way. More than 70% of people stop looking after seeing Google’s first option. Incredible, right?

Though that is not true, it is how our minds work. If we see something on the top, we assume it is the best out of the bunch. So, ensure you rank your website with SEO tools that allow Google to recognize the content better.

SEO tools can migrate a truckload of customers to your website. Therefore, you increase the chance of generating more leads.

04: Mobile-Friendly Website

Creating a mobile-friendly website version is essential to our “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns” guide.

So many people spend hours and hours on their phones. Therefore, it is likely that they will open your website via mobile phones rather than via computer. This is why you need a mobile-friendly version that is informative, engaging, and working appropriately. If your site is optimized and functions correctly on a smartphone, you are in great trouble, my friend.

Imagine you want to buy something instantly and visit a company’s website. But the site is poorly made, does not offer any valuable information, and keeps crashing. You will quickly lose interest, am I right?

The same applies to your potential customers. The quickening rate of change in our modern society has caused people to be permanently on the go. So why not make your website move with it?

How to Generate More Leads Through Digital Marketing Campaigns: Mobile Friendly Websites

05: Create Entertaining Videos

Video content is always more engaging than written text. Placing video material on YouTube is an excellent idea because you will use the most effective online video platform in your favor for free.

Come up with original content and make a professional video. The content must relate to your targeted audience. Otherwise, it won’t bring you any new customers.   

For example, how-to videos are always relatable; when people want to know something, the first thing they do is search for a how-to video. Also, a testimonial or virtual tour video can interest your potential customers. They get to see your work environment and experience what it feels like to be a part of your family.

Another excellent tip for video content is to link it to your official website or social media page by attaching an URL to the video.

06: Start Blogging

Although blogging is less interesting than vlogging if your product or service makes more sense when presented in a written form, feel free to start a blog. Blogging will allow you to share more unique and descriptive content about your product; this way, your customers will feel more familiar with your brand and can follow your stories regularly.

Blogs are a great form of digital marketing too. You get to add essential keywords, optimize the content to your needs, and place many advertising materials.

07: Make Your Content More Informative

Another effective marketing technique on our “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns” list is creating informative and gated content. Good marketing is as much about the content as it is about finding the perfect tool.

Every content that triggers your visitors to take some action is gated. Your website or social media content must be engaging and encouraging so potential customers feel like they must have your products. Encouraging potential clients to follow your social media accounts and share your posts is a prime example of quality gated content.

Other examples include links for checklists, links to eBooks or Webinars, different courses or tutorials, personalized demos, vouchers, giveaways, etc.

08: Email Marketing

Now here is one that is old but gold. A lot of people still use email as a daily communication method. When used right, email marketing can be a powerful marketing tactic.

Success lies in the way you tailor your messages. You must find your target audience, research what they need and want to read, and write the emails accordingly. At the moment, email marketing is bringing a lot of leads to companies who know how to use it to their advantage.

Take care of your leads by sending them a follow-up email or a call to action. It’s always good to begin an email by making the recipient feel unique and valued. Marketing researchers say that companies that look after their leads have 50% more sales than those that do not.

Email Marketing Strategy

09: PPC Advertising

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a popular way of generating leads. PPCs are paid ads that show up at the top of search results. They use unique keywords and specific phrases. Once a person uses that particular keyword or phrase, the PPC will activate and appear in the search results.

Keywords are essential in PPC advertising. The more unique the keyword, the fewer competitors; Hence, the less payment per click. PPC works like this: there is a bidding system where advertisers bid for the price they want to pay per click to their website. Your ad will be placed accordingly to your bid plus the quality score your content reached on the SEO tool. Visitors gained from PPC advertising are 50% more likely to make a purchase.

10: Campaign Tracking

 When learning “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns,” campaign tracking is beneficial. If you implement monitoring, you will be able to detect any keyword, target group, or ads that aren’t working correctly.

Knowing when to stop is very crucial. If a campaign does not bring results, it is time to try something else. Otherwise, you are just wasting time and money. For this reason, add a tracker app to your campaign and save yourself from trouble.

11: Create an Application

Creating a new application can be a great lead generator if you have extra time and workforce. People like to investigate new apps, which will bring more traffic to your business.

If you have a creator and designer of applications on your team, they will help you set the right picture and tell you what works best for your targeted audience. After designing and setting up the application, ensure your leads can download it without complications.

You can also include special offers and services that will trigger your customers to pay for your assistance. Come up with special offers, giveaways, and discounts – these are great ways to attract more leads.

The most important thing is that your brand-new app is user-friendly. If no one knows how to use it, no one will purchase your services. A friendly user interface can help you grow your business to the next level.

12: Free Audits

Free audits make people believe that your product is top-notch! You can do it manually or use a tool to help you – either way, free audits are crucial to digital businesses.

However, delivering that information is what makes or breaks the deal. Once you gather all the required information, report the things you found. The report should include recommendations and changes that need to happen to make your product or service better.

Free audits and gathering information will bring you closer to your goal. Another idea is to arrange video calls with potential leads so that you can discuss the areas that need improvement. This way, you promote your business and send a message that you are open to changes in your customers’ interests.

And as we stated earlier, every customer likes to feel special, so considering their input will make you the day’s talk!

13: Create and Host Different Events

People prefer feeling like they are part of something bigger, a community of a targeted group. So, one beneficial marketing technique that we include in our “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaigns” is the hosting of events.

Events help you generate leads and draw significant attention to your product or service. They do not need to be big or expensive, and they can be as effective when virtual as in person.

The idea is to create awareness, and a simple business event will do just that. A great idea for hosting an event is creating a free webinar where customers can get information about your brand, how to use your product, the benefits of your service, and so on.  

How to Generate More Leads Through Digital Marketing Campaigns: Create Events

How to Generate More Leads Through Digital Marketing Campaigns: Conclusion

We delivered the most compact “How to generate more leads through digital marketing campaign” guide. We shared with you 13 different methods and techniques you can use to generate more leads.

However, there isn’t only one strategy that works for all businesses. Every business is different and requires distinct marketing campaigns to attract potential customers. The key is to do a lot of research on your target group and see what works for them.

If your targeted audience is younger, YouTube videos may be more engaging. On the contrary, older people resonate better with blogs. Whatever your marketing strategy, ensure your content is exciting and well-optimized. This way, when people use specific keywords, your brand will be the first thing they see.

Everything is possible; it just takes time and a lot of effort. After a while, you will find the right marketing campaign for your business and increase your site’s traffic tremendously.     

One thing is sure; you cannot know which strategy works best if you don’t try it. There are many different approaches and tools to digital marketing, so you need to try most of them, if not all, and decide which ones suit your business the best.

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