How to Make Screenshots on Smartphones – Several Ways to Do It

Knowing how to make screenshots on smartphones is helpful for both kids and their parents. Taken screenshots are essential for capturing proof of cyberbullying, as well as for showing computer applications and gaining access to online resources when you don’t have the internet.

Bullying can be encouraged by screenshots because the person taking the screenshot can easily replicate any damning photographs or messages. However, young people need to know how to take screenshots as evidence of cyberbullying to be ready to deal with such situations when they arise.

The ability to snap a screenshot can be a huge time saver when explaining something. This article will teach you how to take a screenshot on a mobile device using the system-wide functionality standard on all operating systems.

What Is the Definition of a Screenshot?

For starters, what exactly is a screenshot? A screenshot, or screen capture, is a photograph taken by the user of a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to capture the screen’s contents. The photo is stored as a graphic file. Taking a screenshot allows you to record the current view of your screen for later use as a reference or to show others.

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphones?

Depending on the OS and the specific device, there may be several different ways to capture a screenshot. Research online is the most straightforward approach to taking screenshots on your unique smartphone.

You can snap a screenshot on a smartphone or tablet by simultaneously pressing the power and home buttons. 

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphone – iPhone Devices

Apple has made it relatively straightforward to capture screenshots on your iPhone or iPad by including several helpful keyboard shortcuts. What buttons you need to hit on your device to capture a screenshot will differ from one device to the next.

Follow the steps in this cheat sheet to capture an image of what’s showing on your computer screen. Letting you tweak it before posting it online, sending it via email, or even saving it to your photo album.

These techniques are compatible with iOS smartphones of all generations, from the newest models with Apple Face ID to those with home buttons and AppleTouch ID.

iPhones with Face ID

A screenshot can be taken on an iPhone with Apple’s Face ID facial recognition technology by hitting the Top power button and the volume up button at the same time. Just squeeze them together and swiftly separate them. 

Your iPhone’s screen capture thumbnail will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. The screenshot can then be edited by tapping on the thumbnail.

A new screen with several editing options will pop up when you click the edit button. The Apple header and the footer can be removed from your image, leaving you with a crisp, clear photo ready to be shared or published straight from your iOS device.


iPhones With a Side Button And Touch ID

You can snap a screenshot on an iPhone equipped with Touch ID fingerprint identification technology by pressing and holding the Side and Home buttons simultaneously. A little preview of the photo will show in the bottom left corner; tapping it will bring up the editing page, and swiping left will save the image to your gallery.

iPhones With a Top Button And Touch ID

To snap a screenshot with an iPhone equipped with Touch ID, press the Top power and Home buttons simultaneously. Quickly letting go will cause a preview thumbnail to display in the lower-left corner of the screen, from where you can launch the editing program or save the shot to your gallery with a swipe to the right.

How to Use Assistive Touch to Take a Screenshot

If you’re using an iPhone and one of your buttons isn’t functioning, you’ll find the Assistive Touch feature invaluable. Creates a virtual button on your screen that may be programmed to perform everyday actions. For this scenario, actual buttons are unnecessary.

Use Assistive Touch in the following ways to capture a screenshot:

  • Launch the mobile device’s configuration menu.
  • To enable assistive touch, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch.
  • Turn on the Assisted Touch function.
  • Select the Double-Tap box and tap on it.
  • Click the Screenshot Option.

To take a screenshot on an iPhone, highlight the desired content and tap the device three times quickly.

Screenshot on iPhone by Tapping the Back of Your Phone

Like the Assistive Touch function, there is an option to have your iPhone take a screenshot when you triple-tap on its back.

To make advantage of the “triple tap” feature, please note the following:

  • Go to your device’s settings by clicking the gear icon.
  • Touch > Back Tap in the Accessibility menu.
  • Choose “Screenshot” from the Triple Tap drop-down menu.

Here are a few methods for taking screenshots on mobile devices, specifically iPhones.

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphone – Android Device

There are several methods available for capturing screenshots on an Android device. Some are unique to a particular brand or model, while others work across all platforms and require apps from the Google Play Store.

Finding the proper method for your device among all the possibilities can be challenging. Almost all cases, a screenshot can be taken by rapidly pushing the volume down and power keys on an Android device. You need only press and hold both buttons simultaneously for a short while. 

A camera shutter sound will play, the screen will flash, and a thumbnail of your screenshot will show at the screen’s bottom. If it doesn’t work, try holding the power button down for a few seconds and then selecting a screenshot from the menu that pops up.

Take a screenshot as usual, but this time, after seeing it, hit the two arrows symbol to scroll through it (only available on Android 12). The phrase “Capture more” is another possible translation. The screenshot will expand until it fills the entire page when you tap the two arrows repeatedly.

It is also essential to time things correctly. It’s easy to find yourself dismaying at your phone if you push and release the buttons incorrectly. Even worse, you can be stuck at the reboot screen and have no idea how to get back (just press the home button).

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphones - Several Ways to Do It

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphone – Samsung Screenshot Tools

A screenshot on a Galaxy phone can be taken in a few different ways.

  • Swipe screenshot: Tap and hold to save. Flip the switch next to the Palm swipe to capture in the Settings menu under Advanced Features under Motions and gestures to activate the palm swipe motion. To snap a screenshot while using this feature, slide your hand from the left edge of the screen to the right. If you need help timing your button presses, this may seem unusual, but it’s the most reliable approach.
  • Voice-activated screenshotting: A screenshot can be taken via voice command using Bixby Voice or Google Assistant. If you ask either of your helpers to “Take a screenshot,” they should be able to do so without you having to lift a finger.
  • S Pen: Take out the S Pen and go to the screen you wish to capture. You can take screenshots by selecting Air > Screen to write from the command menu. You can use the S Pen to annotate the screenshot. 

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphone – The Pixel 6 Unique’s Trick

On the Pixel 6, running Android 12, a special swiping gesture is utilized to capture a screenshot. To do this, swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen and hold it for a split second. When you do this, your app drawer will open, displaying all of the apps you’ve recently opened. 

Selecting “Screenshot” will allow you to record a screenshot. Google Pixel users may also use voice commands to capture screenshots with Google Assistant. There’s more to come. The voice command “Hey, Google, take a screenshot and email it to Mom” can accomplish more than one thing at once.

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphones – Motorola’s One-of-a-Kind Screenshot Feature

Is your phone brand Motorola? It has a ton of one-of-a-kind gestures, such as ones for opening the camera and, as it turns out, taking a screenshot.

To enable it, launch the Moto app from your app drawer, tap Moto Actions, and then tap Three-finger screenshot. You can use a built-in demo to test the function before turning it on. To take a screenshot, you’ll need to place three fingers on the screen, relatively wideout simultaneously.

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphones – Xiaomi Devices

The usual and unique ways to take screenshots are present on Xiaomi devices.

Like a few other Android skins, MIUI’s notification shade features a dedicated button for snapping screenshots. Just pull down from the screen’s upper-right corner to take a screenshot.

Make use of the Fastball: In this sense, Quick Ball is comparable to previous efforts by competing manufacturers to provide a “quick reference” component. Use this function to capture a screenshot quickly. To do so, though, you must first use Quick Ball. What you need to know to get it done is listed below.

  1. Start the Settings program.
  2. Optionally, Pick Extra Configs.
  3. Visit the Quick Ball.
  4. Select “Quick Ball” from the menu.

how to make screenshoots on xiaomi device

How to Make Screenshots on Smartphones – Huawei Devices

Compared to other Android phones, Huawei devices are the same; however, they also allow you to take screenshots by smashing the screen with your knuckles. 

Start activating the setting at Motion Control > Smart Screenshot in the main settings menu. Then, knock twice on display with your knuckles to retrieve it. After that, you can crop the image in any way you like.

  • To bring up the notification menu quickly, try this: With Huawei, you can quickly capture a screenshot by tapping a button in the system tray. Paper is being sniped with a pair of scissors. Choose it to take a screenshot.
  • Use Air Gestures to Snap a Screenshot: If your phone supports Air Gestures, you can use hand gestures to perform actions. To activate this feature, select Grabshot from the Air gestures menu under Settings > Accessibility features > Shortcuts & gestures. After starting the camera, move your hand 8-16 inches away from it. Click the hand symbol, then make a fist to snap a screenshot.
  • Put your knuckles to the screen and knock: Some Huawei phones include a novel and engaging method of taking screenshots. The simplest way is to tap your screen twice with your knuckles. This function, however, needs to be activated beforehand. To enable Knuckle screenshots, head to the system preferences and ensure the Accessibility features tab is selected under the Shortcuts & gestures section.

Third-Party Apps

You’re not happy with how Android typically handles taking screenshots. Then, you can continually expand your device’s capabilities by downloading and installing new applications.

The programs Easy Screenshot and Super Screenshot are the only two that come to mind. These programs allow you to record your screen and use a wide range of triggers, and they don’t even require root access. With Tasker, you can even program your customized snapshot procedures.

Super Screenshot


Taking screenshots, saving them, and then sharing them with others is a fantastic method to cut down on wasted time. Others contend that taking screenshots is the most significant feature of the internet. 

But why is it so crucial to take a screenshot of the screen on your computer? As you can see, screenshots are commonly employed as a relic from the modern era. They’re a means to show other people that what you see matches what you believe you see in the world.

This article demonstrates multiple methods for taking screenshots on mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices.

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